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Are You Taking Good Enough Care Of Your Liver?

The health of our liver impacts most of the organs in our body. At any given moment, it holds over 10% of your body’s blood supply and depending on its health it filters roughly 1.5 liters of blood per minute. It stores our primary energy source (glycogen) and many vitamins. It plays an important role in many processes in our body such as immunity and helps maintain a healthy hormonal balance. It is also a major detoxification organ (mycotoxins, chemicals, heavy metals, plastics…). An increasing amount of toxins in our food, household and beauty products, as well as environment negatively impacts the ability of our liver to function.

Unfortunately, many of us often don’t recognize the cry of our liver for help, as we tend to dismiss common lighter symptoms as “normal”, and don’t recognize that our liver has become sluggish and toxic until it starts seriously failing. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, inflammation, autoimmune concerns, have high blood sugar, high cholesterol or have symptoms of hormonal imbalance (PMS, hot flashes, etc.), your liver may need TLC. There are many things you can do to support your liver: routines to release stress, anger and frustrations, having enough good quality sleep, no alcohol, a diet without refined sugars, carbs or fats. There are also many herbal teas that can support your liver such as organic milk thistle or dandelion root tea. In the Harmonic Egg we often use orange and yellow light waves, flute music and wood element vibrational energies. You can also try a Bio-Well Scan to check areas of stress and energetic imbalance in your body. Start thinking about how to support your liver.

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