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A Tip To Raise Your Vibration

Declutter. Start with your external environment. By decluttering you physically and energetically open space. Decluttering works on the very human emotion and vibration of attachment, a dense vibration of need and lack. The job of commercialism in our society is to keep us buying on the premise that what we purchase will make us happy. And before we know it, our personal world is filled with clutter.

Start simple. You may want to commit an amount of time to the task or choose a particular room, closet, or drawer. Whatever you can handle, and stop whenever you feel unease creeping in even if you have not finished what you had set out to do. Remember the key is not to overwhelm yourself. Some days may be more productive than others. Don’t force. Anything good is not accomplished through the exertion of force. This also is an exercise of compassion for yourself (wink). Are you listening to yourself? It’s ok to take a break. You’re doing great.

As you remove clutter you set the stage for movement, ease, clarity, and possibility. You feel lighter as you release attachments. Your mind and heart receive open space for creativity, consciousness and contentment. If that’s not enough motivation here’s one more….the simple removal of a pile of overflowing papers raises your EnergyBody vibration; The key to living your fullest potential, being your true Self, standing in your power.


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