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Raise your frequency, release dense energies that no longer serve you, and deepen the divine connection with your higher self. Reconnect with Spirit and take your Divine Path to the next level in the Harmonic Egg. Use code LOVE99 for a $99 in-person Harmonic Egg session special.* 

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*The LOVE99 promo code is valid for one appointment per person only, through February 2024. It cannot be combined with any other promotion, package or membership rates. Valid for appointments at our Victoria location only.

Before You Book

OUR NANAIMO HARMONIC EGG IS MOVING! Online bookings are not available at this point for our Nanaimo location. If you would like an appointment, please phone us for availability (250-739-2544).


Allow a week after any other type of energy work (massage, acupuncture, infrared sauna, new homeopathics, etc.) when scheduling your session with us.

After your appointment is scheduled, make sure you read your confirmation email. It contains important information to prepare for your session. 

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please contact us as soon as possible if you can't make it for your appointment. No-shows and late cancellations are subject to payment of the full balance due. Thank you for understanding.

How We Work

If you are not sure this therapy is for you or have questions, don't hesitate to schedule a Free Consultation


We offer single Harmonic Egg sessions. For clients on a healing journey, a consistently paced set of sessions may be recommended for optimal results. If you are committed to living your best life, explore our Memberships and Packages for saving options. ​

Harmonic Egg In Person

$125 + GST

A single in-person session - 50 minutes inside the Harmonic Egg.

  • A unique, customized experience that bathes every cell of your body in a 360-degree spiraling vortex of harmonic sound, light and color frequencies.

  • An elevated relaxation response occurs, empowering your body’s innate ability to heal. Bring yourself back to your natural state of homeostasis. Bring yourself back home.

Free Consultation


Are you ready to explore the natural healing powers of Bioenergy and Bio-resonance? This is a free 30 minute  consultation which gives you an opportunity to share your concerns and wellness goals with us. Let's discuss how we may assist you on your healing journey.

Harmonic Egg Remote

$90 + GST

A single remote session - 50 minutes of energy therapy from the comfort of your home.

  • Physical distance is not a barrier to receiving the benefits. Frequencies travel freely through the Quantum Field.

  • An excellent option if you cannot attend in person due to location or illness.

  • ​May also be preferable for children with ADHD / autism / children unable to sit still in the Egg for 50 minutes.

  • Have your ​pet receive the benefits of the Harmonic Egg.​

Environment Energy Clearing

$90 + GST

50 minutes of remote energy clearing and revitalizing for your home, office, business or land.

  • Our environments easily pick up energies from us and others. If not cleared, these energies gather, become stagnant, and can have a lingering negative effect on us.

  • Want a harmonious environment for you to live, work, and play? Clear your home, heal your land and raise the vibration of your business or any other space / organization with our remote Harmonic Egg protocol.


$100 + GST / month  x 12

Monthly Self-Care

Save $25 each month with this annual commitment to live your best life! Are you looking to nurture your body, mind and spirit with the intention to be the BEST YOU? Maintain your level of wellness, clarity, and vitality with a regular monthly session to relax, reset, detox, and rejuvenate. Support your body on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level once a month. You deserve it! ​​


* This is a commitment to a one year subscription. Sessions are charged to your credit card at $105 / monthly. Appointments must be booked and used once a month at either of our Nanaimo or Victoria locations. Your annual membership will automatically renew after 12 months unless cancelled.

$190 + GST / month  x 12

Gold Membership

Want to be the BEST YOU and take your commitment to yourself to the next level? Looking to maintain clarity, vitality, ease and longevity? Then nurture your body, mind and spirit on a regular basis with this cutting-edge technology. Be inspired, juggle many hats with ease, expand your spirituality and consciousness. The ultimate wellness! Enjoy two Harmonic Egg sessions each month and save ($35 / monthly).

* This is a commitment to a one year subscription. Sessions are charged to your credit card at $199.50 / monthly. Appointments must be booked and used TWICE a month at either of our Nanaimo or Victoria locations. Your annual membership will automatically renew after 12 months unless cancelled.


Jumpstart Package: 3 Sessions / One Month

$325 + GST

Save $50 when you prepay this 3-session package. The Harmonic Egg provides an environment for you to tap into your innate power to rebalance and heal. Release the imbalances causing you pain.  Bring your body, mind and soul into alignment. A wonderful option for:

  • Stress / anxiety relief. 

  • Better sleep. More vitality.

  • Pain relief (after an injury / surgery, migraines, etc.).

  • Enhanced meditation. Spiritual and consciousness expansion.

  • Trauma release. Inner child work.

*All 3 sessions must be used within 4 weeks from the date of purchase at either of our two locations. As we are all unique, the number of sessions recommended for each individual may differ. More than 3 sessions may be required for maximum benefit. 

Empowerment Package: 6 Sessions / Two Months

$625 + GST

Save $125 when you prepay this 6-session package. Are you struggling with an ongoing physical and / or emotional condition that is consistent? Does your body need support in getting rid of toxins and getting back on track? Stress levels may be at a point of taking their toll on your energy and overall sense of well-being. The Harmonic Egg brings your body back into homeostasis. Gentle and natural. A wonderful option for:

  • Relief from stress / anxiety / depression / ADHD.

  • PTS. 

  • Inflammation, pain, lymphatic and / or immune system concerns.

  • And much more.

*All 6 sessions must be used within 8 weeks from the date of purchase at either of our two locations. More than 6 sessions may be recommended based on your wellness goals, lifestyle and other specifics (such as in case of a chronic condition).

Ultimate Package: 9 Sessions / Three Months

$875 + GST

Save $250 when you prepay this 9-session package. Are you experiencing chronic physical / emotional conditions, severe symptoms and / or high levels of stress? This package allows for a more intensive approach to restore your well-being. Your body doesn’t know dis-ease by name. It is an imbalance and restriction in energy flow. Turn things around. Please be prepared to discuss lifestyle changes as we approach any imbalance in the body holistically. A wonderful option for:

  • Autoimmune dis-ease.

  • Viruses (Lyme / Guillaine Barre), yeast, mold.

  • Neurological and neuromuscular disorders (Autism / Parkinson's).

  • And much more.


*All 9 sessions must be used within 12 weeks from the date of purchase at either of our two locations. Additional sessions may be required for maximum benefit, based on your individual goals and specifics.

Anchor GC Purchse


In-person Harmonic Egg Session

$125 + GST

Gift certificate for a single Harmonic Egg session. Can be redeemed at our Victoria location within one year of purchase. Our Nanaimo location is currently moving and gift certificate purchase for the Nanaimo location will be available again soon. 


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