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Welcome. My name is Linda and I am the founder of The Healing Nest.

Like all of us, I am on a journey.

I have been nudged to share, to write, to speak…. and I have been resisting.

As I slowly surrender, so does the resistance slowly dissolve.

I will be using this platform and an upcoming newsletter to share whatever comes to me. It is my intention that whatever comes to me, I share for the greater good of all.

Recently, I stepped out of my comfort zone.

In a moment of confidence I signed up to speak at a recent event.

Oh boy, the stress had me back-pedaling, doubting my credibility and my sanity.

As the event drew near, the ego vibration crept in loud and hard, “What are you doing, you’re going to mess up, you’re not a speaker and you will make a fool of yourself”.

Luckily, I was armed with some tools of my journey.

So I speak…

At age 62 I asked my mother, “What was I like as a child?”

And at the same time I wondered, “What took me so long to ask!?”

She was quick to answer… She said I was a “daydreamer; you always had your head in the clouds, and you looked spaced out all the time”. I asked her that question in 2018. I didn’t have a big aha moment. OK, I was a daydreamer. Lots of kids are. Now year 2023 and in preparation for my talk, I did some research…

What is the definition of a daydreamer?

Cambridge dictionary defines a daydreamer as a person who often thinks about doing something else or being somewhere else instead of paying attention to what is happening where they are now. Their definition was followed by a Wikipedia example of daydreamer being used in a sentence: “He is an underachiever and excessive daydreamer whose gullibility allows him to believe anything he hears, which makes him a constant source of misinformation”.

Hmmm, yes, best not to let that dense vibration sink into one’s Self.

I grew up in Toronto, Ontario.

During the hot summer months my mother would send my sister and I to Huntsville, my birthplace. There, we would visit my grandmother and my then two teenage aunts. I loved going up there. I would gather pretty stones, spend hours by the river, and many hours really just alone with myself. One summer I found a secret space, now with my knowing, I call it a sacred space.

I could see my sacred space from my grandmother’s house which gave me much comfort.

In early morning I would follow the path down to the river and then a short distance to the right along the river I would come to an umbrella of leaves. My regular visits had made a small, hidden doorway into this enclosed, natural sanctuary. Once inside I was surrounded by sturdy trunks of a family of shrubs, their leaves cascading from above and all around in a circle of comfort. I would spend hours there but as an adult I have no memory of what I was actually doing or thinking about during those many, many hours.

However, in my journey to reclaim my power,

The memories are starting to come back…

In January 2021 I was watching an interview with Gail Lynn. She was talking about frequency healing through sound, light, colour, sacred geometry and her creation, the Harmonic Egg.

By the end of the interview, I knew I needed a Harmonic Egg and I became driven. It all resonated with my deepest Self.

I wanted to learn more.

And it inspired me to get into The Work again.

The Work is the journey we all have, but forget or put it aside…

because we are busy with this world.

So I have been remembering lately.


my favourite toy was a souvenir rattle made out of a stick and tin can.

It gave me comfort, joy. I felt powerful.


as a child walking down a Toronto street having a conversation with a crow.


the unease that pervaded my existence all my life

and the underlying sadness…

Because my world, our world is not as it seems or as it should be.

And remembering that we are so powerful

Beyond what we have been told.

Through remembering you reclaim your power.

The power of who you are.

The power of why you are here.

And the power of your gifts.

To be continued…


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