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Relaxation Brings Longevity

Telomeres, small caps at the end of every chromosome, affect our aging process. An enzyme, telomerase, directly influences the rate of shortening of these caps which equates to the rate we age. The good news is that we can influence this process. Stress has a direct effect on telomere length. It is strongly linked to oxidative stress in cells, a decrease in telomerase activity and an acceleration of telomere shortening. To strive for longevity choose to make relaxation time a priority. Anything that allows for your nervous system to reset and relax counts. Garden, soak in the tub, have fun with family and friends, spend time in nature. Stop watching the news and enjoy the abundance in your life. Start a regular routine of one or more relaxing activities and if you are really committed to longevity, add a Harmonic Egg session to your monthly wellness routine with our membership!


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