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How Energy
Therapy Works

And how it can help restore your health and vitality.

Unlocking The Power Of Frequencies For Wellness

Energetic biofield tuning is the future of the medical world. The Harmonic Egg is a patented bioresonance chamber which utilizes the science of frequencies bringing together sound, light, colour, sacred geometry and Tesla Mathematics.


This combination within the dodecahedron-shaped chamber amplifies the resonance of your personalized Total EnergyBody Rebalance, helping your body release dense, abnormal vibrations and attune to higher, lighter vibrational frequencies. The Harmonic Egg promotes an elevated relaxation response (Relief Therapy), allowing your body the space and energy to return to homeostasis. When your body has been released from the flight/fight/freeze condition, you can heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Stress & Anxiety

An elevated relaxation response positions your body back into its natural state of homeostasis, balancing your autonomic nervous system which allows for resiliency, calmness, and innate healing to occur. 

Chronic Illness & Pain

To put it simply, we are energy condensed down to matter. When illness and pain are present, so are disharmonious or dysfunctional frequencies. Harmonize those frequencies, and there is relief and repair.

Mental Clarity

With stress release, mind fog dissolves and productivity and creativity increase. With mental clarity, you are able to better recognize, understand, and organize your thoughts. You can also become more fully engaged in every moment.

Spiritual Expansion

Energy blocks on emotional, mental and physical levels compromise our ability to expand to the highest potential of our spiritual dimension. By balancing the chakra system, we open ourselves to higher dimensions of understanding, love, compassion and peace for ourselves and the world.

Emotional Trauma

We all experience some degree of emotional distress. Emotional trauma is held within our bodies and is at the core of dis-ease, pain, and mental illness. The release of trauma occurs at a cellular level through frequency rebalance.

Longevity & Vitality

Energy systems govern our aging and vitality. A Total EnergyBody Rebalance safely peels the layers of energetic discord physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Embrace the anti-aging effects of this therapy!

How people are suffering and why Harmonic Energy healing makes all the difference.

The people who are drawn to The Healing Nest share a similar journey. They seek answers to why they remain unwell despite conventional medical diagnoses, procedures and multiple prescriptions. Many share the disillusionment with our current medical system and hear:

  • Test results show there are no abnormalities.

  • It's all in your head.

  • We can't do any more for you.

  • You will have to learn to live with it.

A lack of trust builds with each discouraging visit, and that inner voice says, "there MUST be something more!"

Conventional medicine is based on a biological approach to the body and treats dis-ease and physical body symptoms primarily with drugs and surgical procedures. Energy medicine is based on the body's innate healing power using frequencies and scalar waves to release energy blockages and harmonize imbalances with evidence-based therapeutic results. The frequencies of sound, light, and colour offer therapeutic benefits for many issues ranging from chronic pain, illnesses and stress to emotional trauma, depression, and anxiety.

The body is an intricate and interconnected system based on biochemical and bioelectrical interactions, reactions and exchanges. The new physics, Quantum, Bioenergetics and Epigenetics, explains how everything is energy, is in constant motion, has a vibration, and is interconnected, including thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, conventional medicine treats the body separately from the whole. Energy medicine has a holistic perspective guided by the principles of quantum mechanics.


The root of dis-ease is a weakened frequency which can be gently harmonized back to its healthy natural state.

Harmonizing The Body To Reduce
Stress & Anxiety.

Linda Edwards - Man in Egg.jpeg

What you can expect from energy therapy and the Harmonic Egg.

The Harmonic Egg® uses sound, color, light, and sacred geometry frequencies to empower the body's own healing ability. By amplifying frequency resonance within the chamber, you receive an energy therapy that is precisely controlled, consistent, and repeatable.

Improves Physical and Emotional
Quantum Technology Leveraging Ancient Healing Wisdom
Individually Tailored to Meet Your Goals



Safe, Natural &

Client Love


I am so grateful to live so close to a Harmonic Egg and Linda’s beautiful space. I now have a regular routine of sessions in this incredible Light/Sound/Energy chamber! Each session I am overcome with a sense of full mind, body, spiritual support resting in the comfy recliner in the Harmonic Egg.

~ Caylan, Cowichan Valley


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"Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche."

David Feinstein, Ph.D.

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