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Kudos & Transformations

See what clients have to say.

"Since watching Gail Lynn on Open Minds with Regina Meredith, I have been excited for this new healing technology to be introduced to the world! I was thrilled a year later to come across advertisements for a Harmonic Egg opening in Nanaimo, after just moving to Vancouver Island.  I am so grateful to live so close to a Harmonic Egg and Linda’s beautiful space. I now have a regular routine of sessions in this incredible Light/Sound/Energy chamber! Each session I am overcome with a sense of full mind, body, spiritual support resting in the comfy recliner in the Egg. A healing tool that is simple and easy receiving for anyone. The beautiful music, sounds and colours takes me to a peaceful, loving place in my meditation each time. Every intention I bring into sessions feels supported and amplified in the Egg’s magical energy.  And the magic continues to ripple out into my everyday weeks after! I love to share about the incredible, profound potentials of this technology as we grow more aware of subtle energies, frequencies, and healing at a quantum level. Whether you are wanting support for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects, I recommend you give yourself the gift of a Healing Harmonic Hug!!"

~ Caylan, Cowichan Valley

"My Harmonic Egg session at The Healing Nest was one of the most amazing things I have experienced on my healing journey to date. Truly otherworldly! The combination of just the right selection of music
(transformative and relaxing!), the colour of the light (green for me!), and the chair that makes you forget you are in a body.  At one point, I was filled with so much joy, it felt like my heart was

 expanding into the universe.  It was the perfect combination of complete relaxation, overall calmness, and some incredible insights. When Linda quietly and lovingly opened the door, I felt like I had been "hatched" into another dimension. I will definitely be back for another session.  What Linda and Veronika offer at the Healing Nest is nothing short of miraculous!!"

~ Debbie Rose🌹, Nanaimo 

"I heard from a friend, who experienced a session in the Egg, about the benefits she felt immediately after the one session. So I tried it, a little skeptical, but I was relaxed and felt calm. I would definitely recommend  the Harmonic Egg not only for the experience of sitting in an Egg and listening to a beautiful music but also for the mental health benefits that it gave to me. For the first time in a very long time, I felt content and the contentment stayed with me for weeks. And then I did it again!"

~ Chris, Nanaimo

"I love the Harmonic Egg! It is my new best friend with every visit unique and powerful. Sometimes subtle yet all necessary shifts and releases occur. With an open heart and quiet mind, I felt "cracked open" after my first session. I went home and painted a painting after a 2 hour glorious nap! It had been a year since I felt creative. We are blessed to have this modality in Nanaimo. Thank you Linda for creating the Healing Nest. It is a destination place. Being welcomed by you 2 lovely ladies is a bonus. Lots of love El"


~ El, Nanaimo  

"...I have to report that my focus for the 3rd session was to improve my physical healing so it was interesting that I had open wounds on both my lower legs that went from daily dressing changes to closed and healing in 5 days....This has continued to date. I am sleeping much better in longer blocks of 3-4 hours at a time. This has improved from 2 hour blocks. I am noticing I am getting more done in a day.... Cooking more healthy meals now. So I am seeing a continued improvement in how I feel every day.
Another interesting area I am noticing a difference is my dreaming. I am dreaming of people I have not thought of in years so I am feeling that I am resolving issues of forgiveness that has never been completed and now has the opportunity to finalize. I am honoured that you are offering this treatment so I thank you again..."

~ Lori, North Vancouver Island  (via remote sessions)

 "Thank you for the sessions. The Egg is miraculous. While receiving the energy I feel comfortable tingling in my arms and legs, and afterwards I experience a profound relaxation. In the following days I feel well, both on a physical and emotional level, and I feel resilient. The Egg also helps alleviate my arthritis related shoulder pain."

~ Jiri, Czech Republic  (via remote sessions)

 "My goat Pickles has a weak digestive system and I nearly lost her a couple of years ago. When she started exhibiting early symptoms she was given a remote Harmonic Egg session which settled her system down before it got worse. She completely recovered. Thank you Harmonic Egg! :)"

~ Linda, Nanaimo (via remote sessions)

"As an acupuncturist and practitioner of alternative medicine, I understand that our bodies resonate at different energetic frequencies.  Stress, poor diet and improper rest affect our bodies and weaken our overall health and vitality.    Linda was very knowledgeable, kind, and explained how the treatment worked and what to expect during the session. I am blown away by the technology and healing application of the Harmonic Egg at the Healing Nest here in Nanaimo.  My session was deeply restorative, relaxing and supportive. I loved being wrapped in beautiful sounds and light vibration within the Healing Egg.  My body feels lighter. I can't wait to book myself another healing session soon.  Thank you for a lovely experience."


~ Doreen Hill R.Ac

"We loved the harmonic egg experience.  If you want 50 min to yourself and get rid of some stress and other heavy energies you may be carrying this is the way to go!   We felt lighter and energized after our Harmonic Egg session with Veronika."

~ Cindy and Gary, Duncan

"I had the opportunity to try the Harmonic Egg remote sessions from my home because I live so far. It was a wonderful experience for me. After the Egg sessions I always felt my body relax, harmonize, calm down and balance. Several times I substantially reduced symptoms of my health problems with the sessions. I hope that one day I will be able to try this in person. Communication with the Healing Nest's staff, Veronika, was always pleasant, friendly and without problems. 
So, you have to try it too!"

~ Anna , Czech Republic  (via remote sessions)

 "After our llama Dolly lost her life-long partner we weren't sure what to do. She wouldn't eat or socialize with the other animals. It was breaking our hearts. Then we tried remote Harmonic Egg sessions and after two Dolly slowly started coming back around. Over half a year later now and she is one happy llama."

~ Cindy and Gary, Duncan  (via remote sessions)


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