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We Are Here To Help You Heal

Bioresonance and frequencies of sound and light working together to heal mind, body & soul.

How We Work.

In Person Journey

Customized, unique and powerful Harmonic Egg sessions that bathe every cell of your body in a 360-degree spiraling vortex of sound, light and colour frequencies, sparking the best you!

An elevated relaxation response empowering your body’s innate ability to heal, sending you clarity, ease, release, and repair. An experience restorative mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually as every cell in your body responds to the vibrational energies.

Remote Journey
For People & Pets

Physical distance is not a barrier to receiving the benefits. Frequencies travel freely through the Quantum Field. You will receive the same benefits as the in-house journey if you cannot attend in person due to location or illness.

The remote session option may be preferable for children with ADHD / autism / children unable to sit still in the Egg for 50 minutes.

The remote sessions are also an excellent opportunity for your pet to benefit from the therapeutic effects of the Harmonic Egg.

Healing Journey
Memberships & Packages

Are you committed to living your best life? We battle stress, energetic and  environmental toxins daily, and your body needs help! Resetting your body, mind and spirit regularly with our Total EnergyBody Rebalance allows you to be your best for you, your family and work.


Whether you 

  • are a stressed parent,

  • have a high-demand job,

  • are struggling with chronic illness,

  • need to get away from it all.

Wellness and wellbeing are your innate, natural frequency, and we are committed to getting you there! Explore our Harmonic Egg Memberships and Packages to get an idea of our protocols, and we will be happy to discuss your individual needs on your first visit. An initial assessment and ongoing adjustment are needed and part of the process.

Environment Energy Clearing And Revitalizing for Home, 
Business, Land

It is not only people and animals that need energy work to maintain wellness and vitality. Our environments easily pick up energies and we create energies within them that can have a lingering negative effect on us. 

Are the energies of an ex-partner looming in the corners of your home, blocking you from moving on? Have you ever noticed a heaviness when you entered a room and couldn’t shake it? Have you moved into a new apartment or house? Energy accumulates and needs to be cleared to bring in freshness and provide a harmonious environment for you to live, work, and play. Similar to our remote sessions for clients we have a protocol for remote environmental clearing.

Gift Certificates

Want to give a unique gift of wellness and wellbeing to a loved one?


Look no further! We have Gift Certificates for you that are easy to purchase and redeem. For any of the services we offer.


You can purchase them online or contact us. We are here to help!


Our Results are Limitless. Our Promise is Simple.

Relief from Stress

Relief from Pain

This relief brings about countless benefits including a massive increase in clarity, vitality and ease!

Client Love


What a wonderful experience! I've been well aware for many years of the healing power of sound and the importance of our vibration. The Harmonic Egg seems to put all that into a beautiful package to deliver a truly unique and magical healing experience.  My first session at The Healing Nest moved a lot of energy in my body and I felt it for weeks. Needless to say, I have been back for more!  I've had more energy, more clarity and truly a sense of peace, not just in the sessions but thereafter.  What a gift!

~ Ruth, Cowichan Valley


"A healer's power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses."

Eric Micha'el Leventhal

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to pain and hello
to happiness?

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