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Feeling Overwhelmed By Negative Emotions?

When we are young, we express our emotions directly by crying, screaming, grunting, etc. As we grow up, we are taught to express ourselves by talking. But have you ever felt that language was limiting? Or that you couldn’t quite express your complex and deeper feelings clearly or fully? What to do when emotions get stuck and we feel overwhelmed by emotions?

Use Your Voice

Have you ever tried using your voice to shift stuck / negative emotions?

The first step is to let it all out. Find an environment that feels safe and express your feelings fully by making whatever sounds come up. You can start by toning your voice and simply humming to test how it feels making various sounds, and then let your emotions fully come through by grunting, groaning, crying, screaming…

The second step is to shift your emotions. Letting it all out and go is a wonderful start but you will notice that expressing your negative emotions doesn’t really feel good. Those negative emotions are disharmonious vibrations and your goal is to get to harmonic and positive vibrations. To get there, start shifting the sounds you make to something that feels more neutral, “ok”. Feel into it. Also, focus on your breathing and find a rhythm of taking deep breaths.

The third step is to shift to one of the higher vibrations of love, compassion or gratitude. Once you have mastered feeling “ok”, it is time to start feeling great. Think of something or someone you love, something you are grateful for or someone you can feel compassion for. Choosing one of these feelings to start is sufficient. Feel it fully in your heart and then let the feeling spread into your whole body. Intuit how it would sound and start making the sounds of that feeling, humming, toning, singing vowels or any other sounds that make you feel love / compassion / gratitude.

Alternatively, book a session with us! Come relax inside the Harmonic Egg for 50 minutes, reharmonize your EnergyBody, raise your vibration, and clear emotions that no longer serve you with sound and light.

Your body hears everything your mind says.

Naomi Judd

Interested in more about thoughts, emotions, stress and the subconscious mind? Watch Dr. Joe Dispenza on Fearless Soul: Learn How To Control Your Mind:

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