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20 Harmonic Eggs In Canada! 2022 Wrap-up

Check out and follow Paige Clark on YouTube. Paige is a beautiful soul and the official distributor of the Harmonic Egg in Canada! She was the first to open a Harmonic Egg center in Canada in Niagara Falls (ON), and we were right on her heels opening the second location for you on Vancouver Island downtown Nanaimo. Now, Harmonic Egg wellness centers are opening across Canada. By the end of December 2022 there should be 20 of them operational and available to Canadians searching for health and wellness.

With an incredible boom of this sound and light quantum therapy, especially over the last year, you can now find well over 100 locations worldwide. (For Harmonic Egg locations map visit

Listen to Paige's video on YouTube in order to find out what is going on with this revolutionary technology gaining on popularity in your home country and what is yet to come. Exciting news for 2023!


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