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Where Healing Happens

An effective approach to safely healing your body and your soul.

3 Powerful & Easy Techniques To Improve Your Overall Well-Being


A practical and effective approach to safely healing your body and your soul.

The healing properties of vibrational energy as the future of medicine cannot be ignored. Sound, light, and intentional healing have been used for thousands of years. 


These are exciting days for your health and well-being as more evidence for frequency healing pours in! We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of frequency science, and we are the first on Vancouver Island to provide you with the harmonic healing energies of the Harmonic Egg. We also offer an innovative lifestyle assessment tool, the Bio-Well Energy Scan, which provides a comprehensive report of your physical, psychological and mental  state of being, giving knowledge of potential areas requiring relief.

Our driving force for your health and wellbeing is our 'Total EnergyBody Rebalance.' The Power of Relief is in your mind and body. We facilitate the environment for you to tap into your innate power to heal. Your possibilities are endless. We are here to guide you. 

And yes, our non-invasive 'Relief Therapy' is individually tailored to your personal goals and needs.


Our results are limitless. Our promise is simple:

Relief from Stress

Relief from Pain

This relief brings about countless benefits including a massive increase in clarity, vitality and ease!

Stress & Anxiety

Rebalance your autonomic nervous system and allow healing to happen.

Chronic Illness & Pain

Create relief and repair by dissolving disharmonious or dysfunctional frequencies.

Mental Clarity

Dissolve mind fog to increase clarity, productivity and creativity.

Emotional Trauma

Release trauma at a cellular level through bio energy frequency rebalancing.  

Spiritual Expansion

Realign your chakra system and open up to higher dimensions of understanding, love and happiness.

Longevity & Vitality

A Total EnergyBody Rebalance to replenish lost energy and refresh your body's anti-aging capabilities.

Unlock The Power of Bio Energy
for Wellness:

Client Love


After struggling through a challenging time in my life where I felt lost and discordant with my purpose, I was gifted a session in the Harmonic Egg. At first I thought of it as nothing but a calm and quiet place to meditate. But after a few weeks I realized that visit had prompted a massive shift in my own confidence and clarity. If you are seeking to refocus and rebalance your energy, head to the Healing Nest now
~ Theo Tansey, Vancouver Island


"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies"

Albert Einstein

Want to get rid of your pain effectively and naturally?

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