The Healing Nest - Wellness Within Harmonics

Bringing you The Harmonic Egg in the summer of 2021
Nanaimo BC, Vancouver Island

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Grand Opening Special:

One In-Person Harmonic Egg Session: $99 + tax (Reg $125 + tax)
One Remote/Distance Harmonic Egg Session: $60 + tax (Reg $75 + tax)

Sessions are 50 minutes, with 40 minutes of calming, intentional music and light specific to the individual’s needs and 10 minutes of silence to integrate.

Limit of 4 (special price) sessions per month per person please.
Prices in effect July 27, 2021 to September 27, 2021.

The Harmonic Egg

Pre-Booking available here.

Healing Targets of The Harmonic Egg:

What is The Harmonic Egg?

The Harmonic Egg is a uniquely engineered bio resonance chamber. The chamber, with the fusion of advanced technology and ancient wisdom, uses the vibrational energies of sacred geometry, light, colour, and sound. These frequencies vibrate within the chamber creating a 360 degree amplified resonance experience that promotes profound relaxation (return home to homeostasis). This, in turn, activates the body’s repair mechanism and allows the body to rebalance and reset on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Each energy therapy session is individually tailored and is precisely controlled, consistent, and repeatable. It is completely non-invasive and 100% safe.

What is Remote/Distance Healing?

This is an option for individuals who are not able to physically attend The Healing Nest for a session due to location or illness. It is also a great option if you would like your pet to benefit from therapeutic effects of The Harmonic Egg sessions as well. Distance healing is all about the Quantum Field and Quantum Physics; the most research validated and verified branch of science! Nobel prize stuff. In an egg shell (pun intended) physical distance is not a barrier to a healing interaction. For more details about The Harmonic Egg distance session please visit this link.

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Pre-Booking available here.

See you soon!